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Magic Jack reviews are popping up all over the web and for good reason.  Making phone calls has never been simpler or cheaper. The Magic Jack really does seem like “magic”, and anybody with a broadband connection can be talking in less than 20 minutes. It seems as though every day, another VoIP provider is touting its service, but Magic Jack stands out above the crowd—and it’s not just because of its television commercials. It’s easy to install, it’s cheap, it has all the basic features, and call quality is good. What more could you ask for?

Magic Jack is meant for home or small business usage, and it serves that demographic very well. If you’re a larger business that needs several extensions or sophisticated features, you’ll probably want to avail yourself of a hosted or on-premises PBX instead. But for the home, or for a small company with just a few employees, it’s perfect.  In this Magic Jack review we are going to go over the installation process, features, call quality, and finally their guarantee.

Magic Jack’s Quick and Easy Install

My install took less than 20 minutes, and that’s only because I stopped to get coffee in the middle. The process is mostly automated—you just plug your phone into the Magic Jack, and plug the Magic Jack into your USB port. The software automatically installs, you go through a quick registration process, and enter in your 911 information, and you’re ready to go. Post-installation, you can set up your contact list manually by entering in names and phone numbers one at a time, or you can download your Outlook list all at once.

Magic Jack Works With Your Existing Phone

You’ve probably heard that office VoIP installations may require you to purchase all new phones—this isn’t the case with Magic Jack. There’s no need to buy a special IP phone, you can use any standard telephone. Just plug it in and start talking! If you don’t have an extra phone, or just want to use your Magic Jack while you’re traveling, you can also take advantage of the softphone which is right on the main interface. Just put on your headset, click on a name from your contact list or press numbers on the keypad, and you can start talking.

Magic Jack’s First-rate Call Quality

VoIP calls still have an undeserved reputation of substandard calling quality, but this hasn’t been the case for a long time. Like any technology, VoIP has evolved, and today most services offer excellent call quality that is indistinguishable from regular phone service—and Magic Jack is no exception. Call quality is excellent, and so long as you have a good broadband connection, you can’t tell the difference between a Magic Jack call and a POTS (“Plain Old Telephone Service”) call. You won’t get any echoes, buzzing, or that annoying “sounds like you’re talking into a tube” effect—just crystal clear voice on both ends of the call.

Is it Really Free to Call?

Yes, and this is one of the wonderful things about the Magic Jack. You can call anywhere in the United States, absolutely free, for as long as you want. And if you’re on the road, use your Magic Jack from your netbook, connect to a local WiFi spot, and you can still make and receive calls using your same phone number. Traveling overseas? You’re still good to go, and you can make and receive calls on your regular phone number while sitting on the beach in Thailand—and nobody needs to know where you’re really at. Magic Jack does have competitive international rates as well; you can call the UK for two cents a minute, India for five cents, or Thailand for ten cents.

Magic Jack’s Strong Feature Set

Small businesses or home offices may wish to use Magic Jack to add an extra fax line, and you can easily plug it into your fax machine to receive faxes. Internet fax services would be a nice addition, but Magic Jack doesn’t include that, at least not yet. It does however, come with all of the basic features you would expect with phone service, including free voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding and call waiting. You’ll also gain the advantage of choosing an area code from anywhere in the country for your phone number, and free, unlimited conference calling.

The latter two features are especially useful for small businesses that may be doing business around the country. Conference calling has become a small business essential, but you’ll usually pay a per-minute charge to have a conference room to which multiple parties can dial in. Not so with Magic Jack! You can have unlimited conference calling—just give each party the call-in number and your three-digit conference room number, and you’re in.

Magic Jack’s 30-Day Free Trial Guarantee

Currently Magic Jack is offering their device with a 30-day free trial period if you purchase directly from their website. If you purchase the Magic Jack and are not satisfied you can return for a full refund within the 30 day grace period. Here’s a snippet of the guarantee taken directly from Magic Jack’s website,

‘The magic Jack Money Back Guarantee policy ensures your complete satisfaction. If for any reason you wish to cancel service within 30 days of your purchase from (which is the date you order the magic Jack), we will refund your money if the terms of our Money Back Guarantee are satisfied.’


Magic Jack gets a “five stars out of five” from this reviewer, and I’m now enjoying having a second line in my home office. Highly recommended for most home and small business uses.

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