Magic Jack Advantages

We learned how the Magic Jack works in our previous article “How Magic Jack Works”. Now let’s talk more about the advantages of using Magic Jack.

Unlimited Long Distance Calls to U.S. & Canada
The most obvious advantage of using Magic Jack is its incredibly low cost. Magic Jack service provides unlimited calls to all of the United States and Canada. As long as you’re using Magic Jack, you will not be billed long distance for calls to any state in the U.S. or Canada. This has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars each month.

Unlimited International Calls to any Magic Jack user
In addition to fee long distance to U.S. & Canada, Magic Jack users can make unlimited International calls to any other Magic Jack device. So let’s say you have a friend or relative in Tokyo, London, or Sao Paulo. Send them a Magic Jack and you will be able to talk for as long as you like with them as long as you like. Or perhaps you were taking an extended trip overseas, you could call your friends or relatives by simply purchasing another Magic Jack and taking it with you when you leave. This could be a net savings of thousands. The more you talk, the more you save.

Free Advanced Calling Features
Magic Jack has all the advanced call features you’ve come to love, and some you might not expect all for free. Call waiting, caller ID, voicemail, & hold are all features you’ll enjoy for free. Magic Jack goes a step farther and provides free directory service that there is often a charge for on many carriers. Magic Jack will even send you an email notification that you’ve received a voicemail. No more missing an important message because you’ve forgotten to check your voicemail box. If that wasn’t enough, Magic Jack tosses in free conference calling for everyone. Information about free Magic Jack conference calls can be found here: .

Advanced Technology for Clearer Calls
Magic Jack gets high marks for all its great features, but the most important factor is call quality. This is where Magic Jack’s VOIP technology shines through. Magic Jack call quality is consistently better than traditional telephone service. This has been observed by PC Magazine, Laptop Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, CNBC, The New York Times, and the Boston Globe. Calls come through loud and clear with Magic Jack.

Use Your Own Phone
With Magic Jack you can plug virtually any modular (modern) telephone into it. So whether it be that perfect feeling slim phone that took you forever to find, a high-tech multi-handset cordless setup, or a hamburger shaped novelty phone that fits your personality to a “T”, you can use it with Magic Jack. Or if you don’t want to use a handset at all, simply plug a headset and mic into your computer for hands-free telephone ease. If you’d like to learn about optimizing your Magic Jack for the best possible performance, check out our next article “Magic Jack Performance”.

Magic Jack holds nearly every advantage over standard telephone service. Its price simply cannot be beat. Magic Jack has call management features that are a breeze while giving you the flexibility to use just about any phone around. No technical skills or special hardware are required. Magic Jack has a 100% risk free trial. If you don’t love it, return it for a full refund. Visit Magic Jack’s website to get in on this offer.