Magic Jack Caller ID

We’ve said that Magic Jack is telephone service for the future. However, that doesn’t mean that Magic Jack leaves some of the call features we know and love in the past. Magic Jack telephone service comes full of free advanced call features like call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, voice mail, e911, and web conference calls. These features added to Magic Jack’s unbelievably low price makes connecting to all of your friends and family possible.

In the late 80’s the Caller Identification (ID) function came to consumer grade telephone service. Caller ID uses telephone user account information to show the name of who is calling you. Caller ID uses the same technology to show other people when you are calling them. This function has proven invaluable for prioritizing whether to take a call and when to let it ring through to voicemail. Caller ID is also useful for knowing if a certain piece of information is needed prior to taking a call. For these reasons and more, Caller ID has become a tool we’ve come to rely on. However, Caller ID is not always provided free of charge with traditional phone service.

Magic Jack provides free Caller ID for every account. Magic Jack also ensures that you won’t need a special phone or Caller ID adapter box to see who’s calling you. Magic Jack’s software shows you who’s calling the minute a call rings through. You’ll be free to answer or ignore any incoming call. Magic Jack’s software also maintains a personal log of who has called. After using these features for even a short time, their utility becomes readily apparent. So what about compatibility? Read more about them in our next article entitled “Magic Jack Compatibility”.

Caller ID has been an important feature for decades now. So why do the Telcos charge you for it as an added feature? Adding cost for features people deem critical is a way for telephone companies to ensure big profits. They promote barebones telephone service to advertise a low price as an attempt to sneak into your back pocket. Don’t fall for it.

Magic Jack members get unlimited long distance calls from any internet connected computer to the U.S. and Canada. Magic Jack can also provide unlimited international calling from one Magic Jack member to another Magic Jack member. Magic Jack does all of this with crystal clear quality at an unheard of price that can be as little as 38 cents per week.

Magic Jack uses a tiny adapter (about the size of a large pack of chewing gum) and a simple 3 step installation process takes less than 5 minutes. No waiting for a tech or on hold with someone from the phone company. Magic Jack is low cost, is full of advanced call features like call waiting and has some of the best call quality you’ll find. Magic Jack is currently offering a 100% risk free trial to new customers. If you don’t love it, return it for a full refund.

Visit Magic Jack’s website to see how you can get in on this offer.