Magic Jack Phone Number

Magic Jack is the revolutionary telephone service that brings Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone technology to your home computer. Magic Jack telephone service comes chock full of free advanced call features like call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, voice mail, e911, and web conference calls. One of the biggest but most easy to overlook advantages of Magic Jack is the telephone number you get with your subscription. A Magic Jack phone number offers many advantages over a traditional phone number. In this article we’ll discuss the advantages of the “magical” Magic Jack phone number.

Remember, the Magic Jack phone number is portable. Your Magic Jack phone number follows you. Wherever you are, just attach the Magic Jack adapter to ANY internet connected computer and your Magic Jack number jumps to that system. This allows your friends and family to call your local Magic Jack number anywhere in the world. You could be in your home, at a coffee shop in Seattle, or on the beach in Rome. They’ll never have to memorize another number. No matter where you are. Now if your loved one has a Magic Jack account of their own, they’ll make those calls for no extra cost.

Having a Magic Jack number means never having to change your phone number if you plan on moving. For example, a person that travels often for business might want a dedicated number for friends and family that is not their business mobile number. Magic Jack solves this scenario with aplomb. Another example would be for students who go away to school, but plan on coming home often. They can use Magic Jack to provide inexpensive phone service and a number that goes with them.

The Magic Jack phone number can also be used for just about any legal purpose. So if you need an inexpensive business line, use Magic Jack to instantly provide one. Keep your mobile or land line home number for private or family purposes. Perhaps you’d like a special number to use for signing up for sweepstakes offers, store club cards, or any other source that requires a phone number, but might also use it for telemarketing purposes. You can use Magic Jack to divert these bothersome calls straight to voice mail and never have to worry about them again. Magic Jack also allows you to easily change your phone number on their website. So if for any reason you’d like a new number assigned this is just a few mouse clicks away.

A new Magic Jack phone number isn’t just a static set of digits assigned to you, but a dynamic, and portable way for you to make and receive unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada from anywhere in the world. Your Magic Jack number has a myriad of uses that go well beyond the use cases we discussed here. So what about Magic Jack’s other advanced features. Read more about them in our next article entitled “Magic Jack Voicemail”.

Magic Jack feels so strongly about their offer they have a 30 day risk free trial. Try it for a month and if you don’t love it, return it in its original packaging and you won’t be charged. When you feel ready to order visit this link to get in on thier offer.