Magic Jack Phone

So you’ve done some searching looking for information on Magic Jack Phone. Perhaps you’ve read one of the many great reviews from PC Magazine or The New York Times about how it drastically reduces phone costs. Or maybe you’ve read about how Magic Jack has incredible call quality. So you want to know about the Magic Jack Phone?

To be clear, Magic Jack isn’t just a phone. Magic Jack is several integrated technologies that allow you to use any internet connected computers as a phone. The Magic Jack adapter enables nearly any phone with a modular plug to make calls through your computer at a fraction of the cost of traditional telephone service. Plug the Magic Jack adapter into your computer (Windows PC or Mac) and then plug your favorite telephone, mic or headset into the Magic Jack and now you have a location independent internet VOIP phone.

Once you have Magic Jack installed on your computer you can even leave the traditional phone handset behind and use Magic Jack’s 100% “soft” phone application. This software runs in your computer and has all of the functions of a traditional phone. This level of extreme portability cannot be offered by a Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) phone provider. Imagine someone calling your “home” Magic Jack number while you’re on the road. This works in any country on virtually any internet connection. So you’ll no longer be without your own personal phone number while on the road (especially in other countries). You’ll also no longer need to purchase expensive temporary mobile phones or calling cards. Take your laptop (like many people do), and place all your calls through Magic Jack.

Remember also, every time you call from your Magic Jack software it will appear like you’re calling from home number. No more having people not answer you because they don’t recognize your hotel number in their caller ID screens.

You might be thinking, why not just use a mobile phone? Easy, often people want only a few people, or businesses to have their mobile phone number. So having another number to use on any occasion can be a real benefit to your peace of mind and privacy.  Magic Jack not only is a good replacement for your existing home phone service but also makes the perfect companion to a mobile phone, home phone, or business phone.

These are just a few scenarios where Magic Jack’s value could save you hundreds. Considering all of the call management features included with Magic Jack like call waiting, voicemail notification via email, caller ID, free directory assistance, and free conference calls and its easy to imagine many more uses for this service. So how much is Magic Jack? Learn more about this incredible value by checking out our next article “Magic Jack Price”.

Is the Magic Jack phone a great value? Absolutely, but Magic Jack is more than just a phone. Magic Jack is a complete phone system that will save you money. Your current phone probably costs you money. Magic Jack is so feature packed and affordable that it pays for itself just to have around. Remember, Magic Jack has a 100% risk free trial. If you don’t love it, return it for a full refund. Visit Magic Jack’s website to try Magic Jack for a full 30 days risk free.