Magic Jack Price

So we’ve talked about what a great value Magic Jack is. We learned that Magic Jack’s VOIP service is the future of the telephone. We also learned how it has so many advantages over old copper wire phone networks. So what about the price? Magic Jack is $39.95. For that you get 1 year of Magic Jack phone service, your own phone number, the Magic Jack adapter, Magic Jack software and 1 year of unlimited calls to the United States, Canada, and any other Magic Jack user in the world. So for full featured, unlimited telephone service your payment is essentially $3.35 per month or an astounding 77 cents per week! You pay the full amount up front ($39.95), but then you won’t have to worry about another phone bill till the following year. There’s not a traditional phone company that can come close to the value of Magic Jack.

You also get many free advanced call features, some exclusive only to Magic Jack members. This includes: call waiting, caller ID, voice mail with email notification, and free conference calls from Magic Jack’s website.

Are there any hidden fees? No. Will you ever have to pay anything else for the rest of the year? All the features I just mentioned are included with Magic Jack. When you choose to renew service, Magic Jack is only $19.95 per year. That cuts the per month phone cost to less than $1.67 per month or just 38 cents per week.

If you’d like to make international calls (outside of Canada or the Unite States) your best value will be to buy a second Magic Jack for whomever you’re calling to get unlimited international calls. However you may also chose to call non-Magic Jack international numbers. There is a country specific rate chart located here. Prices are competitive, but nothing is as good as calling Magic Jack to Magic Jack.

Keep in mind you won’t be making any call quality compromises with Magic Jack. Reviews all over the web rave about Magic Jack’s crystal clear call quality, and its ease of installation. On top of that you’ll get to use the telephone handset that you already know and love. Magic Jack has too many advantages over traditional phone service to list in this article but if you’d like to read more about them check out our previous article called “Magic Jack Advantages”.

The price of the Magic Jack represent perhaps the best phone service value currently available. For less than 77 cents per week you’ll get a modern VoIP phone service. For the second year you pay less than 38 cents per week. Magic Jack makes this easier by billing only once per year.  Magic Jack can easily replace or supplement your current phone service. Magic Jack’s value is especially strong if you take advantage of the unlimited long distance to the U.S. and Canada. More so if you call international. In writing these articles about Magic Jack we’ve really come to appreciate this product’s value and performance. Learn more in our “Magic Jack Review”. Magic Jack is a complete phone system that will save you money. Remember, Magic Jack has a 100% risk free trial. If you don’t love it, return it for a full refund. Visit Magic Jack’s website to take advantage of this offer.