Magic Jack Review

Magic Jack is the tiny device that attaches to a computer offering unlimited local and long distance calls to the United States and Canada. Magic Jack costs $20 for the adapter and $19.95 for one year of phone service. Magic Jack uses the Voice Over the Internet Protocol (VOIP) to provide phone service to any internet connected computer. Magic Jack works on both Windows PC’s and Macintosh.

Included in the package are:

1.The Magic Jack Adapter (USB)

2. An instruction manual

Installation was straightforward;

1. First we plugged in the Magic Jack adapter into the computers Universal Serial Bus (USB) connector. Despite being quite small, the Magic Jack adapter was wide enough to cover part of a second USB port. If you need to use both ports, we recommend getting a short USB extension cable so as not to block a second port.

2. The Magic Jack automatically installed the Magic Jack soft phone software and drivers on to our computer. This was quick (timed at less than a minute). The software had us go through a quick registration process where we selected a phone number.

3. We plugged in a cordless phone to Magic Jack adapter’s modular phone plug.

At that point we were ready to make calls. An important thing to note here is that you don’t actually have to connect a phone to use Magic Jack. The Magic Jack softphone software includes a full dialer.

Audio quality was quite good. We tried both our laptops built in mic and speakers as well as a mid-level headset with microphone and they both worked acceptably with Magic Jack softphone. We’d like to note here that the audio through the headset was loud and clear on all calls we placed and received. After hooking up our favorite handset, voice quality improved even further (to the point where we’d say it was better than anything we’d ever heard).

Call connection quality was also very good. We experienced no service interruptions, stuttering or decreased audio quality even when we used the host computer for internet browsing while taking a call.

We tested Magic Jack’s call features. Everything worked as advertised. We’d like to specially note that voicemail worked even when the host PC was disconnected from the adapter as well as the internet itself. When we received a voicemail, just a few minutes later we received an email notification that we had a new voicemail to check.  This allowed us to use Magic Jack 24/7 without interruption. Magic Jack also includes call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, conference calls, and the requisite e911 emergency contact updater.

Magic Jack is without a doubt full featured, and great sounding. What really impressed us though was its price. Magic Jack costs $39.95 for the adapter, a phone number, and a year of unlimited local and long distance calls through the U.S. and Canada. Additional years can be had for only $19.95 each. We simply could not think of another phone service that offers so much for so little. Magic Jack has a 100% risk free 30 day trial. Information about that can be found at Magic Jack’s website.