Magic Jack Reviews

Magic Jack has been reviewed countless times. In these reviews Magic Jack, the upstart adapter that turns your computer to an unlimited phone system for only $39.95 for the first year is compared against traditional phone service. Publications like The Los Angeles Times, The New York times, PC Magazine, and more agree that Magic Jack offers terrific value, great call quality, and easy setup. In this article we’ll share some of what other journalists and tech experts are saying about the Magic Jack.

On Magic Jack’s value

The New York Times John Biggs writes; “little device called MagicJack will let you make calls from your phone to other phones in the United States for fractions of a penny a minute.” Why? Because Magic Jack costs as little as 38 cents per week for unlimited local and long distance calls to all of the United States and Canada.

U.S News & World Report’s David Lagese adds; “MagicJack’s early success suggests a new threat to telephone companies”. Magic Jack isn’t just inexpensive but also a great value. Remember, older lower tech traditional phone service can easily cost up to $50 per month. So as the secret of Magic Jack’s price and performance gets out, more and more people are happily switching to Magic Jack.

CNet’s Rick Brioda raves: “The MagicJack costs $40, which includes a year’s worth of unlimited local and long-distance calls. (Free international calls to other MagicJack users, too.) After that, you’ll pay just $20 per year. I’ve tried this thing, and let me tell you: It rocks. It’s way easier to use than Skype, way cheaper than Vonage, and way cool to boot”.

The Los Angeles Times’ James Granelli on Magic Jack’s free international calls “The device works overseas, so travelers can take it with them and, after finding a computer to plug it into, call home for free.”. This functionality is included with every Magic Jack membership.

You pay $20 for the adapter, and $19.95 for the first year’s service that includes unlimited calls to the United States and Canada, tons of free advanced call features like call waiting, caller ID, conference calling and more. Journalists love the value of Magic Jack.

On Magic Jack’s call quality

PC’s Oliver Rist gives this critique about Magic Jack’s call quality “In weeks of testing, I never experienced a single glitch or heard a trace of echo or static on my calls.” Magic Jack uses advanced VOIP technology, your internet connection, and their own network to provide Magic Jack members with exceptional call quality that often exceeds traditional telephone service.’s Tim Hillebrand goes even further on Magic Jack’s call quality with his quote; “What about the transmission quality? I have used it on my laptop with the built-in speakers and mic; I have used it with a Bluetooth headset; I have used it with USB plug-in headphones and with a regular telephone. Simply put, I found the quality to be superb in all instances.” Magic Jack is optimized to work well on all types of computers, headsets, handsets, and internet connections.

Magic Jack consistently scores high marks with the most tech savvy reviewers on the net. These reviews reflect the incredible engineering that is possible when modern technology is applied to a traditional service. Magic Jack brings the telephone into the 21st century.

Remember, Magic Jack has a 100% risk free 30 day trial. Information about that can be found at this link.