Magic Jack Scam

Magic Jack Scam?

Magic Jack has been reviewed by over a dozen news outlets and tech websites. It consistently gets high marks for its great value, incredible call quality, and ease of use. Still, like any product that sells like hotcakes you’re going to find a small but vocal minority who didn’t have the experience they expected. Since we look to inform on all aspects of this product, we took a look into this groups concerns. What we found were overwhelmingly strong support for Magic Jack. Our findings and analysis are as follows:

Concern 1:

Magic Jack customer support is less than what was expected.


Magic Jack has a full customer support portal (located here). In the portal there are handy links for getting help with the most common issues users might come across. There are direct links with very large icons labeled “Get Live Help”, “Order/Billing Chat”, “Returns”, “Member Features”, “Top Questions”, and “Mac Upgrade”.  These links direct customers as to how to get answers in the quickest possible manner.

Additionally Magic Jack offers customer support in these 3 forms:

24/7 live chat customer on their website (located here).

An extensive, searchable online knowledge base (located here).

Email Customer support (located at this address).

We didn’t see customer support links hidden, or lacking. Perhaps there are those who were unable to locate the Magic Jack website. Perhaps there were some that expected support options above what seemed to be clearly labeled on the site. Thankfully Magic Jack offers a 30 day trial with a 100% money back guarantee, so potential customers can test drive their service with no risk to them.

Concern 2:

Magic Jack’s call quality could have been better.


We found Magic Jack’s call quality to exceed mobile phones, most landlines, and most VOIP options we’ve looked at. Magic Jack’s call quality is also lauded in many reviews from independent sources like The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, PC Magazine, CNBC, C-net, The Boston Globe and many others.  PC Magazine wrote “magicJack’s call quality is amazing…almost too good to be true…everybody should try it.”

This led us to think that perhaps for those with poor call quality there were technical issues with their internet connections or computers. It’s possible that some were saturating their internet connection by running multiple streaming internet sources (YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Unbox, etc) while simultaneously expecting no degradation of call quality on a Magic Jack call.

Thankfully Magic Jack has much written in their knowledgebase about how to optimize your computer and internet connection to get the best experience from your Magic Jack. We also researched and authored an article about how to get the best performance from your Magic Jack. Click here.

Concern 3:

I don’t understand the 30 day free trial completely. Why do I have to give contact and payment info?


Magic Jack’s 30 day trial period is indeed free. Since Magic Jack’s service is on annual subscription terms, Magic Jack requires billing information at the time of the transaction. Some may be looking to be sent Magic Jack hardware (the adapter) and have Magic Jack phone service activated while providing no information up front. We don’t believe this would be prudent or wise for Magic Jack as they need to a way to bill just in case a customer decides to keep the service. After all they are sending out hardware, and establishing a phone number as well as phone service for new customers.

Magic Jack’s website states:

“If for any reason the magicJack does not perform just as we say, return it to us during the first 30 days and your card will not be charged. “

“To return a Magic Jack, the website states the following: To return your magicJack you will need to include a proof of purchase along with your magicJack in its original packaging. Please fill out the form below to obtain an RMA number. magicJacks returned without an RMA number will not be processed”

To obtain a RMA number a person must provide at least 2 of the 4 following: their order email address, their order number, their tracking number, or their credit card number.

We didn’t find this information to be difficult to locate. It’s clearly linked off their main page.


After researching some people’s online concerns about Magic Jack it seems that many of the issues are handled right on the website. It is our opinion that Magic Jack provides more than adequate customer support, call quality and an easy refund policy that allows anyone to try out their service with no risk. We feel strongly that Magic Jack provides a quality product at an unbelievable price. Don’t take our word for it, give Magic Jacks 30 day trial a spin and see for yourself. The link is here or click the coupon below.