Magic Jack FAQ

Do I need to buy a special phone to use Magic Jack?

No, you don’t. You can use Magic Jack with any standard corded or cordless telephone. Alternately, you can use a headset plugged directly into your computer and take advantage of the softphone.

Does the person I am calling need Magic Jack?

No. You can call anyone, anywhere, with Magic Jack, and the call is totally transparent to the receiving party. If you don’t tell them, they won’t even know you are using Magic Jack.

Can I add extensions to my Magic Jack line?

Yes. Many manufacturers of cordless phones make models with a base station which is connected to the phone cord, and multiple remotes that are connected to the base wirelessly. You can use these with Magic Jack. Alternately, you can also use a phone splitter, which is a small, inexpensive device you can get at any electronics store. This device allows you to plug two phone lines into a single phone jack.

Is Magic Jack the same thing as Skype or Vonage?

Only to the extent that these are all VoIP providers. Vonage however, requires a special piece of equipment and an adapter, and carries a higher fee. With Magic Jack, all you need is the small USB device that comes in the package, and there are no monthly fees. In addition, Vonage uses third-party providers while Magic Jack has its own dedicated telephone network—ensuring more consistent call quality. Skype is a software-only program and requires a special install, and has a peer-to-peer network as opposed to Magic Jack’s dedicated network. In addition, although Skype does allow you to call other Skype members for free, calls to the US and Canada are still assessed a per-minute toll, while Magic Jack offers free national calling.

Can I use the Internet and make Magic Jack calls at the same time?

Sure. VoIP is nothing more than an Internet application, and you can use it at the same time as your web browser, IM chat, or any other application.

Can I use my Magic Jack with different computers?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is plug it in to a new computer, wait for the software to appear, and start making calls. There is no need to re-register on the new computer.

Does my computer have to be on to make calls?

Yes, your computer must be on before you can make and receive calls using your Magic Jack. However, even if your computer is off, you will continue to receive your voicemail messages. In addition, if your computer is off, you can enable call forwarding, and have your Magic Jack calls forwarded to your landline or cell phone.

What operating system do I need to be running?

You can run Magic Jack on a computer running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or on any Intel-based Mac. Linux support is not available but is expected to be offered soon.

Will my firewall allow me to use Magic Jack?

When you install Magic Jack, it is just like installing any other type of application, and there will typically be no problems. Depending on your firewall configuration, you may need to disable it just during the installation process, and re-enable the firewall after registration is complete. Your firewall may also ask you whether you wish to allow Magic Jack to function on both private or public networks.

Can I use Magic Jack to make calls from a WiFi spot?

Yes, you can. You may even use it from a public WiFi spot. Need to make or receive calls while sitting in the airport lobby? You can do it with Magic Jack. Plug the Magic Jack into your notebook, take a seat and connect to the WiFi point, and then you can make all the calls you want—and anybody calling your regular Magic Jack number will reach you wherever you are.

Will my ISP support MagicJack?

Yes, Magic Jack will work with any Internet Service Provider. There are no special requirements, and you do not need to adjust your ISP settings or inform your ISP that you are using Magic Jack.

Can I use Magic Jack when I’m out of the country?

Yes, you can, so long as you have a broadband connection. While traveling anywhere in the world, you can still use your same Magic Jack phone number. Anybody calling your Magic Jack number will be able to talk to you, regardless of where you are in the world, without having to make an international toll call.