Magic Jack Features

The easy to use and affordable Magic Jack lets you make free calls to anywhere in the country, and international calls for low per-minute rates. The Magic Jack is a VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) device which routes your phone calls over the Internet. VoIP has become quite popular as a money-saving method of making calls, and because the call quality has consistently increased over time, it is an attractive alternative to the standard phone company.

There are dozens of VoIP services, each with a different fee structure, and some of them do offer an impressive collection of added features. Magic Jack is quick, easy, and basic, and while it doesn’t come with a lot of these sophisticated telephony features (many of which ordinary users never use), it does give you the supreme advantage of being unbelievably cheap. If you’re just looking for ordinary phone service or an extra line, it’s the perfect addition for your home or SOHO business. Magic Jack comes standard with a good, basic set of features, including:

  • Voicemail
  • Conference calling
  • Caller ID
  • Your choice of area code
  • Call forwarding
  • Call waiting

Magic Jack comes with free voicemail. And it’s not just ordinary voicemail—you can access it from any phone, from the softphone interface on your computer, or even through email! As soon as you receive a voice message, you get an automatic email sent to you, with an attached WAV file. All you need to do is click on the WAV file and listen to your message—a great convenience if you’re traveling. And while your computer does need to be on and connected to the Internet for you to make phone calls, your voicemail works all the time, whether your computer is on or not.

Small businesses will appreciate the free conference calling feature as well. Small businesses can look bigger, and you can give your clients and partners access to your own conference room. All you do is create a three-digit conference room number, give that number to all of your participants, and dial the access number. You’re prompted to enter your conference room number, and then your conference starts right away—and you can use this same conference room number at any time.

You’ll also get caller ID for both inbound and outbound calling. Inbound caller ID is automatic; for outbound calls, the other party will see your telephone number when you call them. You can also allow the other party to see your name, if you save your own number in your contact list.

When you select your phone number, you may select any area code—it doesn’t have to be the area code that serves your physical residence. This is a perfect way to allow people from other areas to call you without having to pay long distance. Live in New York but have kids in college in San Francisco? Just get a 415 area code number and they can call you any time, toll-free, and ask for money.

Another big advantage of the Magic Jack is that you can easily move it between computers, without having to re-register or purchase additional Magic Jacks. Just plug the Magic Jack into any computer, wait for the software to launch, and you can make calls.