MagicJack Reviews

MagicJack reviews appear all over the net. MagicJack has enticed journalists, bloggers, and consumers to try their product. What’s amazing is how much people are talking about their experiences with MagicJack. It’s both strong word-of-mouth recommendations, and MagicJack’s low cost on entry that has people everywhere using and reviewing the MagicJack.  More and more reviews are popping up each day. In this article we’ll share some of what we’ve found out.

In our article “Magic Jack’s Popularity Rises” we noted that there were over 20 product reviews of MagicJack from established media outlets. Publications like PC Magazine, Laptop Magazine,, The Los Angeles Times, CNBC, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, U.S. News and World Report, and The Washington Post. Many of those MagicJack reviews feature glowing testaments to the game-changing technology, call quality, and value of MagicJack. All of these independent sources were interested in learning how MagicJack stacks up versus Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), and other VOIP companies. During these tests MagicJack consistently excelled and left a strong impression. It was common to see MagicJack walking away as one of the best telephone services available bar none.

People are also creating their own MagicJack reviews. On YouTube over 14 thousand results are returned for videos about MagicJack. Many of those are reviews. You’ll also find MagicJack videos about how to use MagicJack’s advanced call features, how to save money with MagicJack, and how to setup MagicJack. Speaking of which, people just seem to love how easy it is to get MagicJack up and running. Just about anyone can complete setup in less than about 10 minutes. That includes installing the MagicJack adapter, and selecting your very own telephone number. MagicJack review videos can easily be found on sites like YouTube, Google video search, Bing video search, and

Did you also know that there are over 20 million web pages featuring MagicJack? Many of those sites are “Blogs”. Blog is short for “web log”. Blogs are places where anyone can setup a website and give their opinion about things. Blogs are very important when learning about a product like MagicJack because they provide first hand account of someone’s experiences.  In the case of MagicJack there are hundreds of blogs detailing how much People love MagicJack. You can find blogs featuring MagicJack reviews by simply typing “MagicJack reviews”, or “MagicJack reviews blog” into a Google, Bing, or Yahoo search site.

MagicJack reviews offer a glimpse into what others think about the product. Still, the best review of a product is one you do for yourself. This is where MagicJack’s 100% risk free trial comes in. From so many great professional reviews, fan videos, and blog reviews the guys over at MagicJack feel pretty confident about their product. So confident in fact, that they offer a full 30 day risk free trial. Try MagicJack, make you own review, if you don’t love it your card will never be charged. Not many phone providers offer this level of consumer protection and service.

MagicJack has set the web on fire with its great telephone service. So why not get in on all the excitement? If you’d like to learn how to be part of what everyone is talking about, you can order MagicJack directly from this link.