What Is The MagicJack?

MagicJack is telephone service for the future. MagicJack members get unlimited long distance calls from any internet connected computer to the United States and Canada. MagicJack can also provide unlimited international calling from one MagicJack member to another MagicJack member. MagicJack does all of this with crystal clear quality at an unheard of price that can be as little as 38 cents per week.

How does MagicJack to transmit your voice as data thousands of miles for next to nothing? MagicJack uses VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol ) a technology developed in the 90’s for businesses, directly to your home computer.  Modern VOIP offers many advantages in quality, cost, and ease of transmission over traditional Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). That’s the old copper wire system that was developed nearly a century ago. Yes it’s been that long. MagicJack harnesses the power of your computer and internet connection to enable the clearest, least expensive call experience available.

MagicJack uses a tiny adapter (about the size of one of those large packs of chewing gum) that plugs into just about any computer. You then plug your traditional phone into this adapter. This allows you to use the current phone you know and love with MagicJack. After you get your phone plugged in, you’ll do a quick account setup, and then you’re ready to begin receiving and placing calls with MagicJack as your phone provider. That’s all you have to do to get your phone and computer setup to use MagicJack. The simple 3 step installation process takes less than 5 minutes and is designed so anyone can do it. No waiting for a tech or on hold with someone from the phone company.

MagicJack can also be used on the road to get unlimited long distance calls anywhere there’s any computer. So while you’re traveling, take MagicJack with you and place calls on the road just like you were at home.  No more paying ridiculous hotel long distance rates. MagicJack gives you unlimited long distance to all of the United States and Canada.

If you have friends or relatives out of the country, buy a second MagicJack and place unlimited international calls. There simply are no ways to do this using an old phone technology. MagicJack enables you to keep in touch with everyone you love by removing one of the largest barriers of keeping in touch, cost.

MagicJack comes with free call management features. So call waiting, caller ID, and voice mail are included at no extra cost. MagicJack also provides free advanced call features like email notifications of voice mail received so you’ll never forget to check your voice mail box.  Free conference calling from MagicJack’s website and the MagicJack soft phone so you don’t even have to use a handset.

MagicJack represents a sea-change in telephone service. It moves consumer telephone service into the 21st century with all the advantages business get with VOIP. MagicJack is low cost, has the best call quality around, is easy to install and is easy to bring with you anyplace. MagicJack is a complete phone system that will save you money. Magic Jack has a 100% risk free trial. If you don’t love it, return it for a full refund. Visit MagicJack’s website to get in on this offer.